Traceability of Food Supply Chain

Food must be safe. This concern leads food producers, customers, healthcare institutions and governments of countries to find ways to improve the traceability of food production and supply chains. Groups of scientists and politicians maintain Food Safety Systems, regulations, laws, plans to control food supply chain “from farm to table”. These are very important steps and the food industry has become significantly safer thanks to these developments and a lot of effort. However, this process is complex and involving various stakeholders including private sectors, agencies and ministries. Tracing the movement of products in large volumes can be difficult for the government and regulatory agencies. The large number of participants and the intricacies of the supply chain make it impossible to follow it closely without the use of special technologies.

A single secure database provided by the producers themselves, who are interested in making their production and supply processes more transparent, simplifies control from both government food safety agencies and the buyer who has the right to know everything about the food he buys. Using tools based on Blockchain, producers encourage trace back for sustenance security and quality of their products, share all the information about the food products and enhance traceability of food supply chains.

The transparency, digitization and traceability of food production and supply allows for real-time assessment of products, which can be carried out by authorities or by the private sector itself. Manufacturers can be confident in their reputation and good reviews for their products, having on hand all the evidence of quality and compliance with standards, legal and regulatory requirements. The installation of tools to track production and supply of products makes it possible to more detailed and complete analysis of the food supplied, its distinction and opportunities for improvement.

Without this, the food industry is not transparent enough and therefore cannot be completely safe. This should be changed, food should be understandable for those who consume it, to be confident in their health and life.

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