Increasing Marketing Efficiency Through Blockchain

Successful businesses were always seeking the ways to increase their efficiency in any sphere. One of the most important aspects is the direct marketing. It’s hard to imagine what other sphere has developed so fast over the last decade. Many companies have strengthened relations with their clients by finding the best ways to deliver information and add value.

One of the main components is interactivity to receive the most effective feedback. Another component is direct sale, which is basically the result of direct marketing. There are plenty of modern tools that help to combine these components, and blockchain is one of the most actual these days.

FOODCOIN Blockchain was designed to provide transparency for supply chain, and it is focused on direct marketing with customers. All these tools are aimed to reduce the distance between producers and customers, making it more sustainable and optimizing marketing expenses.

All business components can be perfectly tracked, such as supply chain and stock capital, to be thoroughly analyzed and adapted depending on specific needs of the customers and keeping strong relations with them.
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