FCE PRORID - With PRORID, making blockchain entries is a straightforward process now.
FCE DOCFLOC - E-signatures are now secure and trustworthy by virtue of using DOCFLOC tool.
FCE DIGID - You can register and verify data of people and companies, creating an analogue of e-passports with DIGID.
FCE BISTRA - Blockchain can improve company management from the inside with BISTRA - a tool for planning and analysis.
FCE FOODSCAN - Each action within the blockchain is easy to track and identify with FOODSCAN interface.
FCE SMACO - Now you can independently and easily design smart contracts using SMACO library.
FCE WALLOK - With the registration of WALLOK account, payments in fiat and cryptocurrency and its commenting becomes available to you.
FCE DIPAY - When using the ecosystem, your payments are instantly processed by a two-level payment processor DIPAY.

Blockchain for industries 4.0We are digitizing your future

We solve three fundamental issues of any industry

We solve three fundamental issues of any industry
Traceability of Supply Chains
Increasing efficiency by reducing administrative costs and eliminating intermediaries
Direct marketing and communication with end customers
Our innovative technology increases efficiency and adds value for producers, distributors and end consumers

FCE blockchain improves risk management by

FCE blockchain improves risk management by
Reducing the stocks
Improving cash flow
Planning optimization
Working capital reduction



Technological solutions

Technological solutions
Traceability of Supply Chains.
Product source identification.
Document flow on blockchain.
E-signature system.
Digital Identity Verification Platform.
E-Passport system.
Workflow. Task manager and blockchain superviser. Visibility and traceability of business processes.
Internal blockchain explorer for obtaining details about any transaction, product, delivery and etc.
Convenient blockchain tool for creating and administrating supply chain maps.
Cryptowallet and digital platform for interaction within FCE Blockchain.
Internal cryptopayment processor. Free and instant payment platform.

The best arguments to join FCE Blockchain

The best arguments to join FCE Blockchain
1. Making data-driven decisions
2. Working capital reduction
3. Transparency leading to increase in traceability
4. Planning improvement
5. Reaching sustainable development goals
6. Increasing value and efficiency


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