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ArticlesIoT, Big Data and Blockchain - Three Pillars of Digital Era
We have already entered the period called the Digital Era. Our lives are inextricably tied up with the Internet, digital data flows, different kinds of machines, and technologies, which are used in various spheres. We see a constant redefining of existing solutions and the discovery of new and successful cases of digitization, that make our world more stable, accessible, trustworthy, and more suitable to live in.
The Digital Era starts from particulars, like the use of sensors for safe driving, or drones for tracking environmental resources, and expands to fully automating the production, delivery, with the use of global smart sensor systems at the government level. This deployment is based on the dynamic development of three closely cooperative technologies: IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data.

The Internet of Things Unites the World

IoT sensors constantly transform data from the real world into a digital flow. Unlike real life, the flow of digital information is easy to track, analyze, and predict automatically.

Industrial IoT systems provide a constant collection of the most accurate information about the environment, the status of the equipment, and the state of products. This high-quality data flow allows factories to measure and reduce energy and water consumption, reducing their costs, and contributing to environmentally sound sustainable development.

The transparency and a
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