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ArticlesWhat does FoodСoin Ecosystem consist of?
The most complicated thing in your life is to get up on Monday morning - but even more difficult is to make clear for yourself what does the blockchain add-in consist of, especially if you are not an expert in this field. But we can help you to figure the last one out and we will gladly explain what FoodСoin Ecosystem is made of (hint: no preserving agents!)
FoodСoin Ecosystem is a blockchain add-in designed to build up a global marketplace of groceries and agricultural products based on the active 1000 Ecofarms platform. 1000Ecofarms exists as a self-consistent and independent project, but yet not the only one.

At the technical level, FoodСoin Ecosystem is a peer-to-peer network (i.e. decentralized system based on the equal rights of its members) connected by data processing and storage nodes. Each node stores a full copy of the blockchain in both open and private structures of the network to provide maximum protection against unauthorized data modification.

The blockchain is build up on Ethereum basis which technology enables to create new blockchain-based applications easily enough. It is due to this feature that Ethereum caused a sensation in blockchain technologies sphere thus making the creation of blockchain systems easier in the technical aspect. Today Ethereum platform is the optimal basis to create the complete ecosyst
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