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ArticlesIoT and DLT: Two wings of Digital era
The industrial sector continues to grow even when capital productivity programs are exhausted, operating costs are reduced maximally, the resource consumption is optimized – it seems like everything has been done to make production efficient and profitable. The future is for new technologies now. We tell about IoT and DLT, which complement each other and take the industrial sector to a new level.
To stay competitive, manufacturers must be constantly looking for ways to improve their production, supply chains, and offers for customers. Automation and optimization are constant and mandatory processes in which all corporations of the industrial sector, retail and agriculture are involved. Since all available classical methods of improvement have already been used, companies have to make a sharp leap.

Now we see the new Technological Revolution, when optimization processes are not so much about working on equipment as in data. The engine of the new Digital Revolution is 5G technology, the ability to transmit large amounts of data at high speed. The new data transfer protocols connects all devices within automated production systems and warehouses without any borders.

Total Automation Can Be Dangerous

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