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ArticlesGlobal and Private Organizations seek for Digital Transformation
The world is constantly confronted with numerous and global challenges that lie through the digitalization of the economy.
Food quality, climate change, living standards, health, preservation of natural resources, education, and community and social relationships are international subjects affecting the wellbeing of the whole of humanity. Therefore, only joint efforts, international programs, and innovative technologies can help to find solutions.

Private Sector Cannot Discover a Way Alone

To unite the world in the struggle for our survival and prosperity, we need to digitize both local economies and the global economy. Digitization is the core tool for efficient international cooperation. When everyone understands the lack of digitization, the main point is the choice of the path and technologies for its launch.

The obstacle is that the real sector has been disconnected from digital technologies for too long, and it is challenging for companies to find the technology that will work for them. In addition to economic benefits, technological transformation should bring companies greater effic
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