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ArticlesCloud and DLT: How Blockchain Can Improve Cloud Computing
Clouds provide a number of advantages with a flexible storage and computing capabilities and affordable prices for businesses. At the same time, the traditional cloud market has some vulnerabilities, such as the insecurity of the centralized architecture. The cloud market is encountering significant changes along with the global shift of the IT industry to smart technologies - the Internet of Things, Big Data, and their industrial application.
The nodes of the industrial systems of the Internet of Things collect data on processes, while cloud technologies are engaged in processing and storing large amounts of data. Applying cloud computing to business requires increased system security, and this is done in conjunction with the cloud using distributed ledger technology, or blockchain.

Security Turned to the Maximum

The importance and complexity of cloud computing are growing, making it an attractive target for attackers. Centralized cloud computing systems have a vulnerability at a single point of failure and cannot avoid counterfeiting. This means service outages, leakage, loss, and compromising of company data. Therefore, companies will be more profitable to use decentralized cloud systems.

IDC chief analyst Frank Gens assumes the cloud to become notably different for the next five years, focusing on distrib
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