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Demand Trends of the Organic Products: Healthy Trends

The world is constantly changing. Those things which used to seem a keenness of a small group of people, today have all the chances to become a worldwide trend.
Healthy Trends: Demand Trends of the Organic Products
Fortunately, it is not about unhealthy diet obsessions or pursuing blindly the fashion, and we take incredible delight to see trends which positively influence to our health and life. The most significant one is the worldwide expansion of the organic production, which is very noticeable recently.

Poor quality products may cause more than two hundred diseases, from the digestive system failure to oncology. According to the assessment of the World Health Organization, 600 million of people become ill due to bad quality of food every year.

The organic food is produced without food additives, colorants, GMO, synthetic agricultural chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Organic agriculture is the most proven and reliable way to get healthy and delicious products without any environmental damage. The organic farmers treat the environment, animals, and the most important – the health of those who consume their products, most responsibly.

The demand on the organic products is not going to decline. USA Today reported in July that the sales of the organic food products increased by 8.4% compared with the previous year, hitting the record level of $43 billion in 2016. According to the recent TechSci Research estimates, it is anticipated that the global organic food market will increase with the rate of 14% or more between 2016 and 2021. The recent survey of OTA confirms this opinion because the organic sector demonstrated rising trend again.
It was noted during the September survey of Organic Trade Association that the millennials are the most common buyers of the organic food. This fact also proves the stability of the trend: The estimates say that 80% of those who belong to this group are going to have children in the next 15 years.

However, despite of the stable growth of the organic food consumption and production rates, not all types of products can fit the existing logistics and retail system successfully: The products without conservants get spoiled faster, and cannot travel across long distances. The main ways for them to reach the customers are the specialized shops and direct sales. FoodCoin Ecosystem offers the most convenient, safe and inexpensive way to buy natural products – directly from the seller. As the organic products consumption grows, our audience which prefer the healthy food and beneficial FoodCoin Ecosystem, also does it.
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