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5 innovations that are revolutionizing Indian agriculture

Farming is essential for life maintenance, but nobody thinks that agriculture is a reason for modern technologies to develop. Agriculture seems to be a traditional sphere, but today we can say proudly that the future is in the farming.

Farming in India demonstrates perfect examples of technological innovations. In this text we are going to show 5 of them.

Skymet is the largest company in India dedicated to forecasting the weather and providing tools for risk management. Their website allows to check weather conditions in specific villages and help farmers to prepare for bad weather conditions such as excessive rains, and thus to reduce losses.

Ekgaon is an IT network integrator that provides services to aid farmers such as financial, agricultural and civil assistance.

Financial help is provided by a mobile app that helps to find financial organizations which deliver services such as credit, insurance, investment and savings.
- Web technology and interactive voice responsive system offers help in finding information about weather, market prices and goods, soil nutrition and crop management.

- Through web and mobile applications, the citizens can use government programs and services.

Aquaculture lacks of good technologies for measuring and controlling the water conditions. The technologies of Eruvaka help to implement technologies in aquaculture to measure and control water conditions. Eruvaka organization developed solar powered buoys that measure water parameters (oxygen level, temprature, pH) that are crucial for the health of fishes and shrimps. The measureв data is then uploaded to the cloud platform and delivered to the customers via app, SMS, voice call or internet.

BIOSAT is a soil addition based on biochar which increases soil fertility, reduces carbon emission and strengthen the topsoil, thus reducing the need to use of chemical fertilizers.

Barrix Ago Sciences, a startup based in Bangalore, has developed technologies that help to fight pests without using chemical pesticides.

Barrix Catch Fruit and Fly Lure traps use pheromones to attract pests to the trap.

Recyclable fly pest sticky sheets also helps to attract 19 types of pests from a long distance.

The last innovation that is now gaining traction in India – and we are sure you have heard of it – is 1000Ecofarms platform which unites farmers, food produces and customers within a marketplace. It helps to save money and tailor marketing and sales.

1000Ecofarms is currently going through updates, and developing into a blockchain ecosystem with its own payment and marketing instruments, useful for every farmer.

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