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Farmers market of the future: FoodCoin and 1000Ecofarms

There is no doubt that the farm-grown products are healthier and more beneficial that those grown on industrial scale and carried across thousand miles to the end consumer. However, if you look at the price labels of the supermarkets, you will see that the farm products are much more expensive, while going on a farm on your own may require additional time and gasoline. In order to make purchasing of the farm products easier, we created the platform of 1000Ecofarms, and now we are going to tell you how it works.

FoodCoin and 1000Ecofarms: Farmers market of the future1000Ecofarms is an online farmer market, a liaison between the buyers and sellers of natural food. You can find here everything you may need for buying: interactive map to find nearest farms and a handy chat for making orders and contacting the farmers. To make a purchase, all you have to do is to sign up – it would take less than a minute. Now there are almost 4000 users registered on the platform. The sellers are concentrated mainly in Russia and USA. Both of these countries have offices of 1000Ecofarms – in Moscow and Maryland. Of course, there are even more countries where the platform is available: now you can find sellers from Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Costa Rica, Malaysia, India, Australia, Nigeria, Ukraine and other countries.

Every farmer can publish the goods in the 1000Ecofarms store, with photos and detailed description. If you need more information, you can send a personal message to the farmer. It is helpful both for users and for sellers, as they don’t have to create their own online shops and pay for their maintenance. After the deal, farmer and customer can leave their feedbacks to describe their opinion. For those who are interested in news about the world food industry, we have the Online Journal that have all relevant info.

The project is relatively new, but it is always changing, getting more progressive, beneficial and helpful, all because of the implementation of new tools and an integrated payment currency – the FoodCoin (FdC). 1000Ecofarms is a self-consistent and independent food market – but now not the only one.
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