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Introduction in FoodCoin Ecosystem

Foodcoin Ecosystem - the global blockchain for food and agriculture businesses
There is something unfair and bitter in such a simple and trivial thing like buying food. Without apparent reasons, the products become more expensive every day, even the most regular and popular ones, no matter of their composition. That is not to say about the products labeled as “eco” or “natural”, which became a synonym of unreasonably expensive rather than natural. Even though, those people who gather and create products with their own hands, earn only 15% of the final cost of the product: the price increases due to delivery, promotion and extra expenses. Isn’t it easier to avoid the stores and to deliver the products from the farms directly to the table? Driven by this idea, we have created 1000Ecofarms platform, which unite the farmers and customers all over the world. It was the first step to fair food market and healthy life. 1000Ecofarms is a self-consistent and independent project, but yet not the only one. Now is the time to make another step.

Frequent interest of our users to implement a tool that would accept bitcoin as a payment on our platform, gave us the first impulse. Having weighed all the pros and cons, in the spring of 2017, together with our partner Coinpayments, we have implemented bitcoin, as well as ether and litecoin, as payment currencies on our site.

FoodCoin Ecosystem. IntroductionThis step opened up our eyes to all incredible opportunities that blockchain technologies can help us to embody. Even though they have not reached their culmination yet, we can now contribute the common progress. And now, when the blockchain technologies are tangible and understandable, we can apply them even to the basic human need – the need for food. Because of that, we consider food in many aspects, not just as products themselves, but also as the business, social responsibility and charity related with it.

That is why we have developed the Foodcoin (FdC), blockchain add-ins for the 1000Ecofarms platform. This is a unique project uniting the cutting-edge and reliable technologies at the confluence of foodtech and fintech. But the most essential – it unites people! We already can see how people can use foodcoin to cash in the café and hold charitable activities in support of the farmers and hungry people all over the world.

Our key objective is to create a global, comprehensible and safe ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses that would allow them to reduce significantly the expenses related to the production, sales and logistics of the consumable goods. Now there won’t be any trick in buying and selling the food!

We really appreciate your opinion about our project. Because of you, we become better!

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