Comprehensive Interface for Tools on FCE Blockchain: WALLOK

Comprehensive Interface for Tools on FCE Blockchain: WALLOKSource: WALLOK is an interface for tools on FCE blockchainSource: WALLOK`s main function is making transactionsSource: Blockchain saves data in an invulnerable way
Comprehensive Interface for Tools on FCE Blockchain: WALLOK
Comprehensive Interface for Tools on FCE Blockchain: WALLOK
A blockchain-based platform protects information flows from distortion and disappearance as much as possible. The invulnerable network of nod stores and records the distributed ledger verifies, and re verifies all records. To take advantage of blockchain in business, FCE has developed its blockchain with unique architecture and flexible tools. WALLOK is an interface for interaction with the FCE blockchain. WALLOK works as an individual gateway to work in the blockchain. When a user creates an account, the system verifies it and open access to an expanded blockchain service. These are digital personal identification, payments, smart contracts, e-signature, and tracking tools.
FCE DIGID for Digital Identification

The first prerequisite for any employee to work in a company is personal identification. The digital business requires electronic ID, and DIGID is a tool by FCE to verify and notarize personal data, provide authorization, and access limitation. Verification requires original documents that are reviewed by a remote verifier. Blockchain saves data and ensures its invulnerability: original documents, photos, and personal information are stored on secure cloud servers and backed by its hashed copies in the blockchain. Every data change is tracked and recorded.

DIGID is a digital identity manager that opens access to the opportunities of FCE blockchain. It is the first tool in the WALLOK interface: once the account is registered, the user is digitally identified and then accessed FCE financial and tracking tools.

FCE DIPAY and Business Transactions

WALLOK's general function is to make secure transactions. Verified users can bill for payment for the transaction, or put an invoice for an open amount, for example for crowdfunding or charity. To prevent invoices from turning into spam, FCE provided not only the functionality to reject invoices, but also a blacklist. All network members are authorized users, and it is always transparent who is responsible for spam activities.

WALLOK provides additional opportunities for attaching comments to payments, accessing the full transaction history, and other users' open data.

The user always knows the destination and purpose of each payment due to the accountability of the payment system.

Business and e-commerce require hundreds of transactions daily. To make them conveniently and without hitches, FCE developed a payment processor DIPAY. It supports payments in cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. Quick and reliable transactions are essential for doing business.

FCE SMACO and Smart Contracts

Blockchain for business has high potential. Most of this potential is operating with smart contracts. These are self-executable transactions that track the performance of specified requirements and complete the transaction when the conditions are met.

Smart contracts are a tool for business automation that will make internal and external financial interactions simple, trusted, and traceable. At the same time, smart contracts do not require additional investments, but on the contrary, will save resources and time.

Source: WALLOK is an interface for tools on FCE blockchain
Source: WALLOK is an interface for tools on FCE blockchain
Source: WALLOK`s main function is making transactions
Source: WALLOK`s main function is making transactions
Source: Blockchain saves data in an invulnerable way
Source: Blockchain saves data in an invulnerable way
FCE DOCFLOC and E-Signature

The compilation of smart contracts and document flow management in the blockchain requires the use of a digital signature. The e-signature allows users to certify documents, distribute responsibility, coordinate documents faster, and work more efficiently. With FCE DOCFLOC, an employee of the company can register and use an e-signature.

Combined with personal identification, transaction traceability, and tracking of the supply chains, digital document flow on the blockchain creates a secure, reliable, and transparent digital environment for businesses. Any document can be created, certified, and digitally registered with an e-signature.

FCE PRORID and Supply Chain Traceability

The management of a company with a value chain significantly depends on the transparency and traceability of supply chains. FCE WALLOK opens access to the tool to create this traceability - FCE PRORID. The system duplicates the records on the movements and state of warehouses in the blockchain, checks and verifies data, all changes, and actions. Thus, with the PRORID record-keeping, the company receives full protected traceability of supply chains.

To automate this process and provide comprehensive data control, FCE has developed several types of smart Internet of Things sensors that accompany deliveries and monitor warehouses and stores. FCE IoT system automatically reads RFID-marked consignment of goods and monitor the state of the environment and the safety of the goods.

WALLOK is a combined interface for a cluster of FCE tools. Blockchain as a database of these tools is necessary for companies and organizations that carefully monitor the confidence and security of data. The digital future must be safe, transparent, and accessible. Companies on the cusp of this era must take this into account to become part of this future.

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