Industries Are Getting Smart: Artificial Intelligence of Things

Industries Are Getting Smart: Artificial Intelligence of ThingsSource: The implementation of AIoT provides securitySource: IoT systems provide access to quality dataSource: IoT and AI are turning industries into smart
Industries Are Getting Smart: Artificial Intelligence of Things
Industries Are Getting Smart: Artificial Intelligence of Things
The collision and interaction of different technologies is an inevitable process. Innovations that are responsible for different aspects show better results and faster and more secure development when they interact. This works the same way in the case of AIoT, a merger of AI and the Internet of Things.
AI has recently evolved and made achievements in a variety of areas, from voice and facial recognition to autopilots. In general, AI makes existing products intelligent and does not operate as a standalone application. Machine learning, bots, automation combined with analysis of massive dataflow in combination with IoT smart sensors rapidly emerge and improve the business of different industries and everyday life.

Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things is a rapidly progressing technology that is gaining more spheres, - and it benefits significantly from binding with AI. The enormous dataflows that the Internet of Things smart systems collect can be used not only for remote control and monitoring but also for analysis and forecasting.

The implementation of AIoT systems provides greater security, adaptability, and an in-depth data analysis through self-learning algorithms. Internet of Things systems provide access to quality data, and AI technologies identify patterns and show how to make the procedures more efficient and manageable.

Where Is AIoT Useful?

IoT is applied in various industries, such as logistics, healthcare, smart manufacturing, agriculture, etc. The strengthening of the Internet of Things by AI technologies is turning entire industries into smart, flexible ecosystems that amaze with their accuracy, security, and efficiency.

• Smart farming

AIoT transforms not only automated production but can also be a reconstruction for the operation of entire spheres. Smart farming is a new agrarian revolution: AIoT creates the most efficient and cautious use of natural resources, avoiding overproduction, waste, and affecting the environment. AIoT platforms and farming applications collect and monitor data on the state of the fields, harvest, delivery, and storage. Smart sensors receive information about water and soil conditions, temperature, and humidity in warehouses and trucks. AI forecasts and adjusts the system and workers to act following the season, weather, etc. When the farm is managed by AIoT, farmers get the exact amount of harvest they need to sell, complete product safety and compliance with all quality requirements. Thanks to AIoT, the farmers can focus their efforts and resources precisely and get all the benefits. This is an essential requirement for the advancement of modern farming.

• Smart healthcare

The Internet of Things can follow a lot of complicated processes. In healthcare, patients are under constant surveillance of smart sensors, and doctors can observe their condition remotely. With the enhancement of these systems with AI, the doctors get a more detailed and coherent picture, analysis, and dynamics, as well as advice on the treatment of the patient.
Source: The implementation of AIoT provides security
Source: The implementation of AIoT provides security
Source: IoT systems provide access to quality data
Source: IoT systems provide access to quality data
Source: IoT and AI are turning industries into smart
Source: IoT and AI are turning industries into smart
• Smart logistics

Likewise, it works in other areas: logistics systems based on AIoT provide the perfect condition of cargo on the road and maintain the required number of products in warehouses, adjusting it to sales volumes. IoT sensors track the movements and condition of the cargo. AI analysis helps optimize delivery time and reduce fuel consumption. AI automatically processes data on each truck, shows the cost and profit per shipment. Logisticians can quickly adapt and cooperate with their partners and customers more effectively.

• Smart supply chains

In retail, IoT accurately monitors product amounts, and AI automatically compiles audits and reporting, and can significantly optimize the entire supply chain management. Besides logistics, the Artificial Intelligence of Things improves user experience, increases competitiveness, and optimize costs. Smart automation becomes an essential solution in many sectors.

How FCE Can Help

The development of AI and the engineering of the Internet of Things sensors have long been separate industries. Since the developers discover the advantages of AI and IoT combination, businesses require the common solutions.

FCE has found such a solution and is ready to implement it. This is FCE Platform, an ecosystem of smart Internet of Things sensors and AI-based software that takes on tracking, analysis, and prediction for businesses.

For the complete security of stored data, FCE uses Blockchain technology as a base for the system. The distributed ledger does not allow to hack or compromise databases, and this is crucial for the business sphere.

Automated stores, delivery, smart warehouses, and containers provide trustworthy protection, accurate accounting, and best supply chain optimization. Connected IoT devices, together with mobile applications, provide a complete picture of consumer behavior trends and enable companies to respond instantly to new queries, and stay on track even during crises. Data communication from different systems, in-depth analysis, and data interaction ensure transparency, traceability, security, and sustainability of the system. Therefore, the world is turning to the possibilities of combined technologies and is already bringing the first successes. More and more companies are becoming part of a sustainable future and are using technologies that bring both economic benefits and take companies to a new qualitative level.

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