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Charity and FoodCoin

If you work for charity, you would know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to find a charity organization, which you could trust for sure. Before donating the money to charity, you have to check the organization, its founders and credentials – when pursuing noble goals; you do not want to be a victim of swindle. However, even after all the checks; you cannot be completely sure that your donation will go to the right place.
However, very soon you will be able to use FoodCoin Ecosystem platform to choose people who need contributions directly, and watch where your money goes. 1000EcoFarms platform - which is a self-consistent and independent project - has already launched two charity projects: “Stop Hunger” and “Donate to Farmer”.

FoodCoin and charityProject “Stop Hunger” is intended to help large families, old people, and people left without a livelihood or those cannot afford adequate food. They receive aid in form of products, such as surplus left in restaurants and supermarkets, or FoodCoins that they can spend on food.

When registering on our site, people in need can get a personal account. We can assure you that your contribution will be spent on food, and you can always check when it was spent, and what for. You can also donate to charity organizations that help hungry people.

Donate to Farmer” is a project that supports farmers who have just started their businesses and those whose households suffered from natural disasters, animal and plant diseases, accidents, or even ill-wishers. It is the same as the first project: you can donate construction supplies, equipment, tools, seeds, or FoodCoins that farmer can spend on anything they need.

You can select a farmer yourself and agree on assistance against the future harvest, or deliver the means selflessly, or you can contribute through organizations registered on our site. No matter what you choose, you will always see where your money went.

Blockchain technology simplifies the addressed charity on a global level, and makes it more transparent. You do not need to distrust someone or make unpleasant checks no more, thus mitigating the probability to be caught by scammers.

Register on our site right now, if you have not yet, the presale is just around the corner – August 23. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our Telegram chat.
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