Three Pillars of Digital Era - IoT, Big Data and Blockchain

Three Pillars of Digital Era - IoT, Big Data and Blockchain Source: The Internet of Things Unites the WorldSource: Big Data Takes on Information FlowsSource: Blockchain Provides Security
Three Pillars of Digital Era - IoT, Big Data and Blockchain
Three Pillars of Digital Era - IoT, Big Data and Blockchain
We have already entered the period called the Digital Era. Our lives are inextricably tied up with the Internet, digital data flows, different kinds of machines, and technologies, which are used in various spheres. We see a constant redefining of existing solutions and the discovery of new and successful cases of digitization, that make our world more stable, accessible, trustworthy, and more suitable to live in.
The Digital Era starts from particulars, like the use of sensors for safe driving, or drones for tracking environmental resources, and expands to fully automating the production, delivery, with the use of global smart sensor systems at the government level. This deployment is based on the dynamic development of three closely cooperative technologies: IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data.

The Internet of Things Unites the World

IoT sensors constantly transform data from the real world into a digital flow. Unlike real life, the flow of digital information is easy to track, analyze, and predict automatically.

Industrial IoT systems provide a constant collection of the most accurate information about the environment, the status of the equipment, and the state of products. This high-quality data flow allows factories to measure and reduce energy and water consumption, reducing their costs, and contributing to environmentally sound sustainable development.

The transparency and adaptability of the Internet of Things systems make ordinary processes smart, trustworthy, and secure. IoT sensors have changed the functioning of different industries. Healthcare, agriculture, energy, utilities, manufacturing, logistics, and other industries are becoming more advanced, efficient, and reliable. The Atlantic has estimated that 67% of industrial manufacturing companies actively develop the initiative of smart factories.

The IoT smart factory system connects manufacturing processes directly with suppliers, logistics, and consumers, offering approaches to optimize and customize on the fly. This means a faster track, a more preferred product, better inventory management, and easier adjustment to market conditions.

The digitization of supply chains is the most global transformation with the Internet of Things. Transportation of ingredients, materials, products has so far been opaque and unsafe. Smart sensor equipment converts warehouses and trucks into the integrated system that ensures reliability, safety, and timeliness of deliveries.

In the past engineering and AI development had the luck of contact, but now must look for the most efficient and secure integrated solutions.

FCE Platform has developed the IoT sensor system that combines IoT with Blockchain data security and Big Data capabilities. The reliable and intelligent operation of the Internet of Things system makes FCE Platform a global, secure, and innovative solution for integrating into existing business models and supply chains.

Big Data Takes on Information Flows

Sensors have been used in industrial environments long ago, but sensor data became incredibly valuable with Big Data emergence. Big Data enables in-depth analysis and forecasting based on large amounts of data using AI algorithms. Big Data's scalability and broad applicability allow the technology to operate in a variety of fields, from online advertising optimization to the customizability of transportation and industrial systems.

When applying Big Data to the collection and analysis of industrial data flow, the businesses get both tips on making decisions based on statistical analysis and new concepts for more flexible operations. The enterprise can focus its efforts and resources on where it needs at a moment. Big Data analytics help improve network performance, predict trends, and effectively personalize e-commerce.

With the exponential growth in manufacturing and business activity and transactions, log data must be stored and processed securely.
Source: The Internet of Things Unites the World
Source: The Internet of Things Unites the World
Source: Big Data Takes on Information Flows
Source: Big Data Takes on Information Flows
Source: Blockchain Provides Security
Source: Blockchain Provides Security
Blockchain Provides Security

It is the most dependable way to store data in several places at once and to regularly double-check it. This is how blockchain works, automatically checking data logs in different nodes.

When blockchains were only open and public, it was complicated to develop their industrial application for storage and processing of information. Private blockchains have become a breakthrough technology that solves the security problems of the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Lack of trust has long hindered the deployment of the Internet of Things. Last year, Internet Society published a survey in which 75% of respondents do not trust the way data is exchanged, and 63% of people consider connected machines “creepy".

Unsurprisingly, large enterprises were hesitant to equip their production with smart sensors. Intruders who could disrupt businesses, forging products, and conduct industrial espionage, breaking into under-protected cyberspace, were a serious problem. Now everyone understands the meaning of security, and private blockchain has become the most accessible and effective way to protect data.

To eliminate risks and protect smart Internet of Things systems, FCE uses Blockchain as a basis. IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain interact and improve each other in a complete ecosystem. FCE Blockchain does not allow unauthorized access to the system, constantly checks the slightest inconsistencies, and provides instantly tracking and dismissing attempts at compromising.

Statistics show that the application of the three main pillars of the Digital Era is growing exponentially. Only the best combination will yield the best results. The Digital Age is unfolding, and we are finding the best ways to develop and merge solutions.

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