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The Way Out of This Crisis Is Blockchain: Harry Assink - Airins Care

The Initiative gathers companies that are engaged in the digital transformation of supply chains and document flow.
Harry Assink - Airins Care: The Way Out of This Crisis Is Blockchain
At the moment, it is not easy to track weaknesses
At the moment, it is not easy to track weaknesses
The pandemic created a new vision of air quality
The pandemic created a new vision of air quality
The Initiative is key to create 100 % transparency
The Initiative is key to create 100 % transparency
Recently, we welcomed Airins Care as a new member of the FCE Initiative. The Initiative gathers companies that are engaged in the digital transformation of supply chains and document flow.

Airins Care is a Dutch company that develops and implements innovative and natural solutions for disinfection and pest control. Air hygiene from Airins Сare is carried out by ultrasonic atomization with a natural substance in computer-controlled air conditioning systems. This kind of hygiene system is necessary for healthcare, bio, and food industries, etc.

We asked Harry Assink from Airins Care how the company is going through a pandemic crisis, how it is coping with the new technologies, and what he thinks the future holds.

Airins Care develops and manufactures systems for disinfecting and insect control. How do usual processes in the company look schematic?

In general, our work is built in the form of a chain of four companies: BPS, Cumulus, Airins Care, and Technowacht (see the scheme in the picture).

BPS disinfection contains a 100% biological active ingredient for the sterilization and disinfection of surfaces, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

Cumulus is an internationally leading company in the field of professional air and compressed air atomizers and water treatment techniques.

Airins Care is a licensed company and sales organization. Our goal is to create a healthy environment and use preventive measures and data to control optimum quality air.

Technowacht is a sister company that does projects and has the know-how of climate systems.

Usually, people who are not directly involved with the business do not even know how complex supply chains can be. How many parts and sides are in your supply chain?

Our supply chain cannot be called overloaded. We work with two partners, BPS and Cumulus, and our Technowacht does the projects in the field.

How easy is it to track weaknesses in the supply chain even when it is simple?

At the moment, it is not easy to track weaknesses. The organization Airins Care works like a startup and is working hands-on and flexible to questions from customers. We need to work out processes to measure the data collected in the room.

How long do your business connections usually form? If you had to change a carrier company, or a partner providing raw materials, how quickly would you realize that a potential partner is worth your trust?

The business connections are built up in more than 10 years. Trust is a big issue because the disinfect and the combination with the machine is key to get the results. Also, many tests and experiences made together with our partners make sure that Airins Care solutions are effective, 100 % transparent, and sustainable, no chemicals used. These are our USPs in the market.

The pandemic has broken many business connections. How do you assess the current situation and how you see the development of business in Europe after the crisis caused by the pandemic? Which paths do you see?

For us, there are no broken business connections. The pandemic created a new vision of air quality. Before Corona, Airins Care had its focus on the food industry, because still, this industry uses chemicals and bacteria can harm health. Now we see new opportunities to create healthy environments. The path ahead to come out of the pandemic is in our view prevention of super spread events in aerosols. We see that cleaning multinationals do not use innovation and biodegradable disinfection, because they are working within long term contracts, where low price, protocols, use of chemicals, and cleaning hours make their business model. Innovation has no chance in this reality, therefore now we as Airins Care want to go on the path of blockchain to create 100 % transparency to our customers. Also, not to get into a competition with the big cleaning companies and their business model.

At the moment, it is not easy to track weaknesses
At the moment, it is not easy to track weaknesses
The pandemic created a new vision of air quality
The pandemic created a new vision of air quality
The Initiative is key to create 100 % transparency
The Initiative is key to create 100 % transparency
Why did you decide to join the Initiative and FCE Platform? Is it the search for like-minded people, joining trends, or the movement towards your company’s digitization?

The Initiative is key to create 100 % transparency. This is in our view the only way to succeed and help to create clean air and biodegradable disinfection within the food industry.

The old economy uses certification to make products safe. The certification in cleaning products and innovative technics, make it almost impossible to get into the market. One E-certificate Number in one country costs more than 12000 €. These certifications do not have the goal to create safety, but mostly they create market protection for multinationals and make money for governments.

Also, it makes that only big companies can get cleaning work within government buildings, schools, etc. It is sad to see that there are better and cheaper, non-chemical ways to create a healthy environment that are not used.

Have you tried to apply technologies or digital systems before? How do you feel about blockchain technology, do you trust it?

We work with software to measure the rooms with sensors. I trust blockchain technology and I think it is the way to create a platform economy where there is a diversity for customers. For me, it would be the wrong way to go to let our governments, multinationals decide what the customer needs. I think that the way out of this crisis is the blockchain. We should not let big players take over but create 100 % transparency.

Digitization means traceability of the company's work. Do you think this is important in your case?

Yes, this is important. Because of 100 % transparency, and to create an advantage against our competitors. I think our clients should see the data on their own devices. The sensor in the room is an IoT connected to the blockchain.

What will change when your company becomes more traceable and informationally open?

We will have a model, which is scalable and creates a business proposition incomparable to other companies. New customers will have full access to data and provide them with information about their air quality.

What would you like to say as a message to those companies who look at the current uncertainty and just wait, being unable to make decisions?

I would like to say that never in a crisis hold on to long to your old business model. If you are losing money, create a new way to do business. You have many skills, but if the market changes, you cannot hold on to what was. These are uncertain times; therefore, you better use your skills to create a new business model which works when there is a coronavirus, and when there is no coronavirus. It should not matter. If you wait for governments, a vaccine, or other people you will end up with a bigger problem than you are facing now. And my experience is that the multinationals will leave no room for innovation, their sole goal is to protect their old business model. They can only use their power, influence governments on certification, and low-price strategy. If you want to survive, decide to use blockchain technology and stop fighting the old.
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