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Trustworthy Traceability in Details: FCE Platform Structured

Transparency and traceability are achieved by equipping the business model with a digital structure and special equipment.
FCE Platform Structured: Trustworthy Traceability in Details
It`s time to take the business out of the shadows
It`s time to take the business out of the shadows
FCE Platform provides IoT and blockchain solutions
FCE Platform provides IoT and blockchain solutions
Together, we find the best approach for each case
Together, we find the best approach for each case
The blind spots in the production and distribution processes prejudice all the guarantees of the real quality of the product. Neither certificates nor ordinary checks can prevent minor accidents during the delivery or trace any temporary change in storage conditions that impair the quality of the goods and undermine the company’s reputation. These blind spots are loopholes for the corruption, theft, or loss of original goods - and for throwing counterfeit goods into the supply chain.

In the digital age, such blind spots become a stain on a company's reputation. To avoid this and the succeeding lack of trust, FCE developed a technology to track processes entirely, automatically, and without the use of human resources.

Take Business Out of the Shadow

We do not trust brands that hide or withhold information. We already approaching the time when companies that ignore digitization and the need to trace their internal work will be perceived by consumers and progressive companies as untrustworthy and suspicious. Companies must be responsible for their work and the quality of their products, and technology must now monitor this.

Transparency and traceability are achieved by equipping the business model with a digital structure and special equipment. FCE Platform provides these solutions and we will tell you how they are structured.

Internet of Trustworthy Data (IoTD)

FCE provides total traceability by placing a set of IoT sensors throughout the supply chain and tagging packages with RFID tags. Each tagged product is tracked within the range of a particular FCE IoT sensor.

Each RFID label contains a unique number. FCE RFID tag is a unique digital passport for any item within FCE Platform. Tagging with RFID tags and the initial scan of the tags puts information about the new product in the database and starts tracking. FCE IoT sensors record state of the environment (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.), and geolocation data. Each IoT sensor is connected to a database on blockchain-backed FCE cloud servers and deploy data to them with a certain frequency. FCE IoT sensors vary in type:

• manufacturing,
• warehouse,
• store,
• logistics.

Initially, manufacturing FCE IoT sensors track the tagging with RFID tags. Every product produced will now be under the scrutiny of the autonomous tracking system. Quantity and unique numbers, as well as initial information, are scanned and deployed to the database.

In warehouses, FCE IoT sensors track the number of items and their storage conditions. Warehouse IoT sensor will indicate the availability of items with certain tags and the total number of items; the time it arrives at the warehouse and sends. Therefore, you can monitor the state of your warehouses in real-time and see the exact time each product was stored and how quickly it was sent.

The following FCE IoT sensors are designed for use in shipping containers. They send the exact time of delivery, the route, and information about the conditions of storage of products on the way to the database. The number of products is also constantly under control: even if a product has been extracted and then placed back, the system tracks this fact and marks it in the database. Losses and damages during the delivery become minimal and easy to fix. The goods, transported for too long or in the wrong conditions, will not get on the shelves.

The arrived goods again get to the warehouse equipped with the IoT sensors, and then - to the store. Here at the cash desk, the deactivating IoT sensor tracks the correctness of the RFID label of the deactivated product and its compliance with the designated location and the time of sale. At the exit of the store, the IoT sensor monitors decontamination and notes items that have left the store. Such a system helps the company to get rid of counterfeit products.

The whole system completely transforms the supply chain into a transparent, traceable and understandable structure. With FCE, you can track all the movements in real-time, fix weaknesses, and be sure of the quality and origin of the goods delivered.

The system is built flexibly, and a set of IoT sensors is selected individually for each case. It can include as part of a supply chain as well as a network of several businesses. For different cases, we will select the number and location of the sensors, the frequency of data submission, and the set of necessary tracked factors. FCE is also open for implementation of third-party IoT sensors and startups, and is ready to provide FCE Platform as a secure data storage, monitoring and providing service.
It`s time to take the business out of the shadows
It`s time to take the business out of the shadows
FCE Platform provides IoT and blockchain solutions
FCE Platform provides IoT and blockchain solutions
Together, we find the best approach for each case
Together, we find the best approach for each case
Mobile Tracking and Quick Response

IoT sensors are connected to the database and blockchain via the mobile Internet. Constant communication is necessary to continue to celebrate the state of the products on the way. If the path runs in places where the coverage of the mobile network is unstable, the information is stored in the memory of the sensor and sent as soon as the connection is established.

IoT sensors in stores, warehouses, and manufacturing, can be connected to the wi-fi network.

Continuous connectivity ensures that information is regularly updated, and notifications are sent to all cases where sensors are tracking any evasion of the established norm. FCE Mobile provides constant connection and control.

Security and Trust of Information in Blockchain

Information about how the company works, delivery details and warehouse status may be publicly available or partially available. Even hiding some of the information, the company can remain a worthwhile trust, because the database of supply chains is supported by blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a guarantee of the security and immutability of all the deployed information. Each record is a transaction in the blockchain, copied in several nodes. Any unauthorized change is excluded, which means that the information provided is worth the trust.

To enable the companies to change some information (for example, if a company has changed plans for some supplies) or hide unnecessary details, FCE IoT sensors interact with the blockchain through FCE cloud servers and the hashing system.

Within the strict rules of the age of digitization, we must provide businesses not just with transparency, but also with trusted transparency. FCE Blockchain is a digital notary that ensures the reliability and security of stored data.

Flexibility in Solutions, Austerity in Execution

FCE Platform adapts flexibly to companies operating in different industries: pharmaceuticals, luxury, farming, and food industry, etc. must improve the traceability of the supply chains. The quality of the product can depend not only on the trust of buyers but also their lives. FCE technologies ensure that the company uses them full traceability - and responsibility for the quality and conditions of the supply of goods.

We strive to involve as many companies as possible in digitization to make the business more transparent, secure, and responsible. That was the reason why we started FCE Initiative.

All the joined can discuss and try out options for digitization and implementation of FCE technologies to change their business and integrate them into the Industry. 4.0. Together, we find the best approach for each case.
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