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How to Build the Highest Level of Trust: FCE Platform

In business, like everywhere else, relationships are built on mutual trust. Trust is an even more valuable currency than money. You cannot force customers and partners to trust your brand, you can only earn trust with your hard work, honesty, and openness.
FCE Platform: How to Build the Highest Level of Trust
Trust should be a core value for every business
Trust should be a core value for every business
Real business transparency means real Trust
Real business transparency means real Trust
The companies must have a good reputation
The companies must have a good reputation
Every company is built on a leadership, which requires the mutual trust of the leader and the team. Each participant in a relationship must be reliable and fulfilling his promises as a person, and a high level of mutual trust directly affects the team's coherence and effectiveness. Building external relationships with partners and consumers requires as much trust. The company must have a good reputation and a sufficient level of trust to make deals, and larger transactions require more trust.

Trust should be a core value for every employee who works as a team and interacts with partners and customers, and the mutual trust must be supported by the openness of the work in accordance with the values. Moreover, the openness of work should also be honest - and it is time for this honesty to go up to a new level.

Narratives and Facts

Companies try to look more open and friendly to win the trust of customers. However, customer-focused brand narratives and social media posts showing the company's involvement in the interests of consumers are not always reliable and are often just a picture, hiding the same untraceable business. The goodwill that arises when the consumer and the company interact must be supported by real facts. Only true openness leads to an increase in the value of the client, an increase in the number of referrals, and, as a rule, happier customers.

People deserve to know the real work of companies whose services and products they use. Each product is a story that consists of individual acts. You may not disclose all the details of the manufacture, but by covering the main points of this story, you already deserve a new level of customer trust.

To take the trustworthiness of the company to the next level, we need to back up the stories with indisputable facts.

Real Transparency Means Real Trust

The openness of the inner operation of the company is of great value when every element of this work is traced, fixed, and cannot be faked. Each operation, appointment, delivery must be entered into a sustainable database that guarantees the security and reliability of the information.

It is for this very reason that FCE developed the Platform - a unique software that works in conjunction with specially designed IoT (Internet-of-Things) sensors that constantly equips information flows with unconditional reliability. Automatic tracking without human participation and storage of information in a blockchain-backed database creates the conditions for transparent and credible flow of information.

So, behind each label, the information on which previously could be erroneous or incomplete, the buyer sees the full picture of production and delivery. The plasticity of the Platform allows you to build separate stories for each delivery and even for each individual product.
Trust should be a core value for every business
Trust should be a core value for every business
Real business transparency means real Trust
Real business transparency means real Trust
The companies must have a good reputation
The companies must have a good reputation
Demonstrate the Total Cycle

Often neither buyers, partners, nor even the employees of companies do not see the full picture of all the ongoing processes in the company. In the digital age, such a lack of information is simply unacceptable and distrustful.

Let us take a specific example of a chocolate producer: the main ingredients of the product are cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk, and sugar.

Where, how and in what form was cocoa supplied, where it was grown? Who supplies milk? Was it a small local farm, a reseller, or a large distributor?

These and other important questions should not go unanswered. Only the informed buyer and distributor will be confident in the quality of the purchased products.

The responsible manufacturer can easily provide such information. Using the Platform, it is collected automatically, continuously, and displayed online. IoT sensors in warehouses, manufacturing and shipping containers monitor the movement and conditions of the product. Every batch of milk or cocoa is traced, and the quality of each chocolate bar is worth the trust: it was delivered and stored in accordance with all conditions.

A manufacturer that regularly proves the quality of production receives a guaranteed trust.

Benefits of Guaranteed Trust

The constant traceability of automatically collected production and delivery information coordinates the work of employees even if they are employees of different departments who do not communicate directly. The company becomes more flexible and adjustable to market conditions when the constant flow of information is analyzed and the company's weaknesses become visible, and forecasts become more outlined.

Cooperation with such a company inspires more confidence and confidence in the success of potential and real partners of the company. The Platform protects the reputation of the company itself and extends to partners who can be as confident in the quality of products as employees of the company itself.

The open-door policy is equally important for employees, partners, and customers of the company. This policy should not be a blank sound but is built on the experience and use of new technologies that provide transparency. Each company can in its own way to embed IT in its own model, and to share experience, we launched the Initiative.

We invite you to join and try on the technologies of the future.
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