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Five Technologies That Change the Stroke of Stories: Industry 4.0

The industry constantly develops, tests and introduces new technologies. Throughout history, production was transforming permanently: new tools and devices, automation of labor changed both production processes and people's lives.
Industry 4.0: Five Technologies That Change the Stroke of Stories
IoT connects things to Internet and digitize life
IoT connects things to Internet and digitize life
DLT transforms modern business practices
DLT transforms modern business practices
Big Data builds models for each customer
Big Data builds models for each customer
The face of production has been changing in waves of technological surges, and we already have three industrial revolutions: the invention of the steam engine, computing, and the Internet. Now is the time for the next, fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

The latest technologies, the Internet at 5G speed, artificial intelligence and robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and virtual reality are rapidly becoming part of our daily existence.

VR: In the Middle of the Action

VR is associated with gaming, and the main common tools and software available are gaming. They are largely experimental, and in the future companies will have to change the approach to VR, creating for players not only the opportunity to experiment, but also to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game, interfering with the classic gaming with movies, live acting, and immersive version of the theater.

The most powerful potential for both VR and AR lies in education and learning. VR is the perfect visualization tool to be transported inside the situation. The military can be teleported to a simulated war center, architects and landscape designers - to the construction site. Additional capabilities will be useful for engineers and contractors who study and plan devices and machines.

With a faster Internet, which is already spreading, VR will allow users to be transferred to the center of real events.

AI: Technology is Getting Smarter

Code-based systems are already being used by companies to improve efficiency and save human resources. Trained and improved AI systems are able not only to recognize speech and faces or build dialogues but can fully replace a person in some areas - and partly in others, such as sales and customer support. AI capabilities are used to create realistic images for VR and are one of the links between the systems of things connected to the Internet.

IoT: Automation at Home and Work

Smart systems connected to the Internet are being complemented by new developments and are being used more and more. Smart transport systems track and control the movement of traffic around the city, reduce the load on the transport system and help people plan travel times.

Smart homes create a comfortable environment for people, saving their strength and performing simple household tasks for them. Smart manufacturing, smart warehouses, and supply chains track the quality, storage, and distribution of products. Thus, the manufacturer can control and quickly adjust production to the needs of the end consumer, make the most of resources and time.
IoT connects things to Internet and digitize life
IoT connects things to Internet and digitize life
DLT transforms modern business practices
DLT transforms modern business practices
Big Data builds models for each customer
Big Data builds models for each customer
Big data: Automatic Solutions and Predictions

The Internet of Things operates with large amounts of data, and together with it, data analysis technologies are being developed. Big data makes it possible to build models for each customer in real-time by analyzing his interests and activity.

In industries such as manufacturing and energy, data accumulates very quickly. Big Data is typically stored and organized in distributed file systems for greater relevance and data security. Big Date technology allows you not only to store and use large amounts of data efficiently but also to quickly analyze and analyze and analyze decisions and make predictions.

Blockchain/DLT: Cybersecurity and Trust

Blockchain/DLT – Distributed Ledger technology – was created for maintaining business registries, executing and documenting transactions, storing them in a distributed, decentralized way on a number of network nodes.

A key innovation in the use of Blockchain/DLT is a new model of trust that does not rely on the authority of the system organizer and trust in its participants, nor the legal norms and does not require the use of trusted third parties. The DLT system itself becomes a universal intermediary that organizes direct interaction between the parties to transactions.

DLT transforms modern business practices, government regulatory mechanisms and ensures that information integrity and authenticity are monitored in systems due to possible cyberattacks. This is a key moment for information security in the era of Industry 4.0 when things and people interact closely with the Internet.

We are not on the verge of revolution; we are completely immersed in change. We find ourselves at a fork in the road that will determine our future.

The technological leap would make developed countries even more efficient through new modes of production and would make developing countries less competitive. For them, this is a chance to take advantage of new opportunities and, thanks to scientific progress, catch up with those who have come forward. A technological future requires social justice and equal resource allocation, and we are confident that technology will be even more useful along the way.
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