The views of FCE project participants

It is not long ago that we have published our project at our landing page. But a lot of people from all over the world have joined us during this short period. All of them have their own opinion, impression and ideas concerning our project. You will find some of them below:

I live in North America and specifically where I am online grocery purchase and healthy wholesome foods is very much saught after... people opt in to always going the distance to ensure quality. I can see this taking off. I plan to refer everyone I know to this program, even if for info only.
The views of FCE project participantsI've participated in many ICOs, but most of them are pretty controversial, and don't seem to bring some positive contribution. Many of them are related to casinos, gambling, or just speculative ones...

As for me, FoodCoin Ecosystem project really seems effective, now it's moving on to technical stage, and I really believe that I would bring a good contribution to society by participating in this project.

Your project seems to be perspective. I can’t say I have a comprehensive opinion so far, as it is only a startup. I have noticed this project thanks to Sergey Grigoryan.

Do you know what is the most important? Communication, relations, interaction. Without them, everything will turn into dust. FCE is also communication that is to be convenient. I’m going to participate in the presale not just because I am an ICO-jumper, but because it is a truly important social project.

I always support new technology and ideas. I’m sure that they can change the world, however they need wide support. So I am ready to provide it.

Awesome, if you guys get this right you could revolutionise the entire Food industry.

We are really inspired by your responses! If you have got anything else to add, feel free to share your thoughts in comments below or in our Telegram chat.

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