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Why should you participate in projects at the presale stage?

In future, there will be no usual shabby wallets that take so much space in our pockets. Soon most of the world’s money will be stored in smartphones rather than wallets. There will be special smart wallets where you can store both fiat and crypto currencies.
One of those wallets – multifunctional advanced cryptowallet Wallok – will be specifically developed to work with FoodCoin Ecosystem. It will be possible to customize Wallok for using on a smartphone or synchronize it with other devices (PC, tablet, smart watch etc.).

Wallok will have two sections, just as the regular wallet: Vault and Air. These sections, or rather levels, only differ in the width of use.
The Vault level presupposes storage and movement of funds within the FoodCoin Ecosystem platform and amongst the Wallok users. Transactions that happen between the users of Wallok wallet on the Vault level might have the additional confirmation function.
Air level will most likely suit the advanced users of blockchain systems who effect payments with their external wallets.
Private wallet guarantees the safety of payments and storage of users' funds and will allow to work with FoodCoin Ecosystem for free. With its helps it is also possible to:

* Open multi-currency counts in fiat and crypto currencies
* Buy, sell and convert fiat and crypto currencies
* Issue and pay the issued invoices
* Make instant and free transactions
* Use the integrated messenger

Wallok wallet will have the implementation for the use in business and for personal goals. It is a convenient and safe instrument that is pleasant to use. If you have any questions about the Wallok wallet or any other questions about our project, you can visit our landing or reach us directly through social media channels.
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