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ArticlesVisionary leadership: How to make digitization not just a buzzword
Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword when a visionary leader is in charge. Inspiration, speed of decisions, and good maneuvering are essential qualities of a visionary leader for a successful digital transformation.
Permanence and stability are desirable properties for business. However, if they are overestimated, it becomes a trap and a dead-end for the development of the organization. When the business model has been established and is working well, it ceases to develop and then - ceases to meet the current requirements, making the company stagnate.

Modernization must be constant and thoughtful. But who can be the driver of this type of enhancement?
Some people, along with leadership qualities, have the flexibility of thinking and strategic vision. They are visionary leaders - and they are the key to the ongoing development of the business, uniting the whole enterprise around their vision and engaging the team.

Large organizations relying on long-term planning and predictability and well-established decision-making cycles need a new approach and learn how to decide and move quickly, even without 100% confidence in the result. Because of the growing competition, only those organizations t
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