NewsFCE Group CEO spoke on Boosting Agricultural Grains and Services (BAGS) meeting
Gregory Arzumanian, the CEO of FCE Group AG, was one of the keynote speakers at a discussion on Powering and Boosting Agricultural Grains and Services (BAGS) Flagship Program in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The event was held on Wednesday, March 9, online.
The program aims to make a major socioeconomic impact. Program participants focus on mechanization, automation, and increasing the efficiency and safety of food supply chains. Everyone in the chain, including transporters, farmers, dealers and grain suppliers, will benefit from increased productivity and improved access to markets, as well as better accountability and financial traceability. The program also supports sustainability in the agribusiness sector and coordinates efforts in this direction.

Gregory spoke about the technology side of improving agriculture and how to harness the potential of blockchain and cloud technologies for agribusinesses. Together with Synergos Nigeria Director Victor Adejoh, Gregory presented a roadmap for digitizing relationships between all actors within
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