ArticlesTraceability and DLT: The Future of Brand Protection
The intellectual property of any company must be protected. Without the measures taken, the whole business could be at risk. Let's take a closer look at the topic of brand protection and what role Distributed Ledger technology – DLT – plays in this.
The choice of raw materials, production and distribution of goods are not all the key concerns in doing business. Information property, protection from counterfeits, fake accounts and websites is also necessary for the normal functioning and maintaining the reputation of the company.

What is Brand Abuse for Companies

Brand abuse can lead to critical consequences for the company. Original products, protected by intellectual property, are more expensive then fake products. Distribution of counterfeited products means a drop in sales and subsequently a deterioration in reputation.

The deterioration of reputation is even more unprofitable, because it leads buyers to avoid the brand in favor of more reliable companies. Partners of the company affected by counterfeiting must do the same. Loss of trust between long-time partners can be extremely damaging for business.

Danger to Businesses and Consumers

Counterfeiting harms both companies and consumers who risk the
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