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ArticlesCareful Fashion: What Traceability Means in the Clothing Market
The current understanding of the fashion industry is more conscious about the degree of its impact on the environment. The contemporary life path of clothing, supply chains, and distribution minimize their negative impact on the environment and society. Technology makes fashion more sustainable and safe.
Awareness of the affect that the fashion industry inflicts on nature and humans has led to a demand for things produced without harming the environment. It is now crucial for the consumer where and how the product is made. Taking care of the health of their customers and the environment comes to the fore among big brands.

More and more companies are supporting the course on ecology and ethical attitude towards animals and the planet. With the world's clothing production doubling in the past 15 years, CO2 emissions from the textile industry have exceeded those of the shipping and international travel industries combined.

Cotton and polyester are 85% of the raw materials in the production of clothing, and both materials are far from environmentally friendly. For instance, growing cotton for only on
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