Traceability of Supply Chains

ArticlesWhat the Traceability of Supply Chains Really Means
Labels on the packaging sometimes do not correspond to reality. Products in the store can be unsafe, and almost any kind of goods, including even medicines, can be counterfeited. For manufacturers, these are big reputational risks, for buyers - risks to health and even life. Existing opaque and complex supply chains do not allow to track fraud, counterfeiting and non-compliance with storage conditions, but there are already technologies that can correct the situation.
How many people and companies are involved in the production of your clothes, appliances, food? Components, stages of production and processing, delivery are woven into complex and multi-component supply chains, available only to its participants, and even then, not completely.

It doesn't look acceptable to governments, consumers, NGOs, and other stakeholders. The idea that supply chains should be traceable and transparent has received a lot of interest from manufacturers and company executives.

Why Is Traceability Important in Supply Chain?

Lack of traceability of supply chains can seriously affect business processes up to a complete shutdown of the company. It is difficult for company executives to track the substitution of ingredients for cheaper or even more dangerous ones, which can be made by groups of workers for material gain. Food fraud is a serious problem, one of the ways to
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