Traceability of Supply Chain

ArticlesPRORID: Trustable Traceability of Your Supply Chains
Recent studies show that transparency of supply chains directly affects the performance of companies: the closer the links in the chain are connected informationally, the more coordinated their overall work is. Today we will tell you about a special supply chain tracking tool that was developed by FCE BLOCKCHAIN. It is called PRORID: product origin identification.
Often, when working with internal databases, companies are faced with the problems of their insecurity and unsustainability. This can be avoided by using a distributed database based on blockchain technology.

User-friendly PRORID interface allows you to work with it even without any special skills to work with databases.

Information about products, ingredients and supply chain movements can be open to the end customer, which eliminates the possibility of fake goods.

In addition, the openness of supply chains to the end user significantly increases the credibility of the company.

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