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ArticlesThe CEO of TBO: Digital Transformation Is Increasingly Urgent
Recently, another participant, TBO Consulting Group from Nigeria, joined FCE Initiative. This company promotes technology implementations, automation, and digital transformation. We asked Temitope Oyeleye, the CEO of the company, about how the company works, how it assesses the current situation, and what he sees in FCE technologies and the Initiative.
How long have you been consulting with TBO Consulting Group and before?

I have been the CEO of TBO Consulting for 5 months now. Before joining TBO, I worked with few top multinational corporations including Vodacom Business Africa in Nigeria and Vodafone Global Enterprise as Executive Head of Global Accounts. I worked for both organizations for over 10 years. I have been working in the technology space since 2004 and I have been part of the technology industry since then. Business development and sales have been my major focus in the last few years and technology and digital innovation are my major drivers.

Tell us about the founders and experts of the company.

I am the founder of the company and I have expertise in technology sales and business development.

Oluwaseyi Babajide is also a shareholder in Technology subsidiary of TBO Consulting Group. He is our Director of Technology and Digital Transformation. He has wealth of experience in solution architecture,
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