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ArticlesFCE PRORID: Transparent Manageable Supply Chains On Blockchain
In the digital age, the authenticity and security of information have become essential circumstances for businesses. Digital databases, e-commerce, official messages, and transparent supply chains are data that needs to be protected and authenticated. In addition to the usual methods of protection, encryption, and firewalls, the technology of distributed ledger, or blockchain, has spread recently.
Data in the blockchain is not stored on the same server, but recorded in several nodes at once, and the system regularly checks the similarity of nodes. Thus, blockchain notifies the exact order of events and does not allow to change or erase data.

Blockchain Acts as a Verifier

Blockchain protects information more reliable than any technology and accurately records the time of recording and its authenticity. The distributed network remains stable even if some servers fail or attacked. The process of consensus will restore the correct data and show all changes.

Thus, to ensure the traceability of supply chains, all movements and changes in raw materials and ready-made products are recorded to the blockchain. In practice, comprehensive supply chains are opaque and imperfect, and therefore poorly managed. The use of blockchain and notarized traceability provides all participants
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