Technologies for Transparency

ArticlesThere is No Real Sustainability Without the Transparency
Transparency and publicity of the companies look like well-established trends of contemporary market realities.To win the competitive race, the business should offer to its consumers not only a quality product but also proper data about the origin and safety of their products, the sustainability of production and delivery processes.
Business owners are looking for sustainable and transparent partners to preserve and maintain their reputation. At the same time, companies attempt to be more open and disclose more information to the consumer - however, this looks like this at first glance.

In fact, the demand for awareness, stability, ethics, and sustainability for companies is not an excuse to improve and truly open their methods and processes from the inside. Various companies prefer to do a mere formality to get the necessary labels from inspecting bodies or third-party certification and become more attractive to partners, consumers, and investors.

False Sustainability and Trust Issues

Corporations attempt to show how green, sustainable, and innovative they are. But there is the marketing behind it: green and eco-friendly labels improve sales. Such businesses are more attractive to partners and investors. However, it turns out that the consumer demand for real sustainability has shifted to the comm
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