ArticlesFCElegance: FCE Group’s distinctive supply chain traceability solution
The global upheaval that has affected supply chains has also severely impacted trust, a critical factor in commerce. Since the pandemic began, waves of counterfeit and substandard products have flooded store counters and a large portion of online sales. To prevent this fraud, businesses need something better than existing solutions. That’s why FCE has developed FCElegance, a blockchain-featured traceability platform.
Even with ERP systems, audits, and transaction controls, getting visibility into composite and international supply chains remains a challenge. The most common traceability solutions still have several drawbacks:

- They are expensive and thus inaccessible to SMPs
- They lack traceability
- They depend largely on human operators
- They have a centralized and digitally vulnerable structure
- Incompatibilities exist between different accounting and control systems, etc.

Gartner estimates that 55 percent to 75 percent of all ERP-related initiatives fail to meet expectations. Corporations require help with management and budgeting, as well as security breaches, malfunctions, and data exchange bottlenecks.

These complexities, risks, and supply chain constraints can be avoided by expa
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