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ArticlesHow To Upgrade Logistics With Big Data
Businesses around the world have discovered high technology through digital transformation. Such significant cross-functions as purchases and logistics are no exception. The efficiency of the business largely depends on how well the procurement and distribution process runs, how logistics operate with material flows. Companies can best set these processes up through digital transformation, but only if they learn how to benefit from Big Data.
The volume of information accumulated by organizations is increasing and the Big Data analytics market is going to reach $103 billion by 2023. However, companies are still learning how to extract useful information from their dataflow. According to IBM, poor data quality costs the US economy up to $3.1 trillion yearly. Due to Big Data methods, processing massive amounts of data for specific tasks and goals, the capabilities of analytics greatly expand and bring valuable statistics. Using Big Data, companies can get a lot of useful information about their internal functioning, competitors, partners, and customers.

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