Supply chain management

ArticlesCollaborate & Transform: Supply Chain Management to Increase Value
Supply chain management through technology adoption has become a prerequisite for maintaining and increasing value. The value chain lack transparency, manageability, and coordination that only new technologies can provide: cloud technologies, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, and AI.
The requirements for retailers and supply chains are becoming more rigorous: express delivery, clear traceability, non-stop service. Now, when supply chains are complex, multi-stage, and international, companies have to make their supply chains as secure and flexible as possible, harnessing the full power of technology.

Variety of suppliers and logistics options, complex processes, limited product life cycles, volatility, and crises increase the global market uncertainty. Globalization and interaction with the world giants force small and medium players to look for the most beneficial practices, change, and adapt. Companies need to drive value growth in the face of uncertainty and turbulence by creating new, flexible strategies based on technology and partnership.

Synergy and Integrity of Supply Chains

Effective supply chain management requires a shift from competitive and contradictive thinking to comprehend value chains in terms of interdependence and cooperation. Eac
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