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ArticlesSocial Cryptocurrency: How to revive local economy
Groceries spend weeks on the road, overcome hundreds and thousands of kilometers to get to the final buyer. Smallholder farmers are forced to sell their crops for nothing to resellers and large chains instead of distributing products to locals. Blockchain systems can connect local farmers and end-users, restoring the local economy.
Each day groceries get more and more expensive for no visible reason – even the most popular and bulk products, the contents of which we can only imagine. Not to mention the products with “eco” and “natural” labels which are no longer the signs of organic food, but rather the signs of food that is unjustly expensive. That being said, people who plant and make products with their own hands get only 15% of the final cost: it grows because of the delivery, advertising and markup. Then is not it easier to get the food to the table straight from the farms nearby without going through the markets? This concept is called “farm-to-fork”. Unfortunately, it has several problems, but we know how to solve them, and we are going to explain it to you.

The problem consists in lack of communication between the farmer and the customer. The corporations subjugate the farmers in fair and unfair ways. Small-scale farmers and gardeners have to promote themselves by their own means, in most
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