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ArticlesWALLOK: Comprehensive Interface for Tools on FCE Blockchain
A blockchain-based platform protects information flows from distortion and disappearance as much as possible. The invulnerable network of nod stores and records the distributed ledger verifies, and re verifies all records. To take advantage of blockchain in business, FCE has developed its blockchain with unique architecture and flexible tools.
WALLOK is an interface for interaction with the FCE blockchain. WALLOK works as an individual gateway to work in the blockchain. When a user creates an account, the system verifies it and open access to an expanded blockchain service. These are digital personal identification, payments, smart contracts, e-signature, and tracking tools.

FCE DIGID for Digital Identification

The first prerequisite for any employee to work in a company is personal identification. The digital business requires electronic ID, and DIGID is a tool by FCE to verify and notarize personal data, provide authorization, and access limitation. Verification requires original documents that are reviewed by a remote verifier. Blockchain saves data and ensures its invulnerability: original documents, photos, and personal information are stored on secure cloud servers and backed by its hashed copies in the blockchain. Every data change is tracked and recorded.

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