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ArticlesThe risks of greenwashing accusations, sustainable contracts, and blockchain as a gateway to transparency
Public, market, and legislative interest in the ESG agenda is growing, and companies are increasingly required to disclose their ESG results and conduct ESG due diligence. This is leading to increased scrutiny and a proliferation of practices that influence corporate financial, credit, investment, and transaction policies, supply chain assessments, and business relationships with partners in an ESG context. However, existing transparency technologies can make ESG statements traceable and accountable.
Governments and organizations are working to make the ESG environment more understandable. Various organizations and committees are being formed to help investors and clients make ESG statements and actions clear and transparent, and they're relying on technological solutions to do so. The new committee, announced June 3 by French President Emmanuel Macron and Special Envoy for Climate Action Michael Bloomberg (UN), will use an open data platform, among other tools.
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