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ArticlesKeep Business from Failures: Digital Continuity Management
The digital business transformation affects all key management processes in the organization and protects a business from extended downtime.
Ensuring the continuity of the business and maintaining the ability to support the implementation of internal critical processes continuously in any circumstances, even in an emergency, is a priority of each company. Most large companies have a risk management plan. There are many factors that can cause delays, downtime, and losses: supply and transaction disruptions, accidents, crises, etc. However, there is a tendency that not every company is able to implement its anti-crisis plans without the support of digital means. The risk management plan supported by technologies will not only simplify the internal business processes of the company but also increase its competitiveness and reputation.

An author and former options trade Nassim Nicholas Taleb put forward a sudden unforeseen event with the idea of "Black Swan." This concept includes such emergencies
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