Regenerative agriculture

ArticlesHow the food and agriculture industry will change
Companies and consumers must change their food production and consumption habits to avoid a global crisis and hunger in future. New technologies and concepts are emerging to reshape the current food industry and make it ethical and resource-efficient.
The contemporary food industry produces more goods than necessary, but many cannot afford to buy these products. This is a crisis of overproduction: tons of unsold goods are wasted and rotted, while millions of people suffer from hunger and epidemics.

Almost 10% of the population suffers from hunger, and three billion people cannot afford healthy food, while one-third of all food produced remains unclaimed and wasted. An estimated two billion tons of food is lost due to poor storage and transportation, strict shelf life specifications, overproduction, and marketing policies that encourage people to buy more food than they need.

Thus, the current food production and distribution system consumes too many natural resources, degrades the soil and pollutes air and water, changing the natural environ
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