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ArticlesDifferent about cloud infrastructures: Public and Private Cloud
Clouds are a good catch for contemporary business. To apply this opportunity and improve the company's efficiency, it is necessary to understand the differences between the private and public cloud and to navigate the changing technologies.
Today's realities prevent companies from growing separately from the Internet, websites, e-commerce, and IT. To manage digital data flows, a lot of companies have their own IT infrastructure, from a small server to a corporate data center. However, the remaining infrastructure loading, slow response, and low efficiency make IT management structure cost-inefficient and opaque. The risks of downtime, breakdown, and high cost lead businesses to use cloud infrastructure.

Virtualization and cloud server building is a reasonable step after the company is digitized. Clouds can efficiently distribute both computing power and space for storing corporate data. Virtual servers scale quickly, allow the company to launch new projects in a couple of hours. The cost of cloud services is significantly lower compared to the development of its local infrastructure. Besides, companies have a choice between
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