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ArticlesVital Traceability: Supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry
Transparency in pharmaceutical supply chains is a prerequisite for the survival and prosperity of humankind during a pandemic. The quality and origin of drugs must be traceable and trustworthy through advanced DLT and IoT systems.
The covid-19 pandemic has exposed the failure of existing drug distribution systems. In critical moments, patients face a shortage of antibiotics and other life-saving prescription medicines. Huge drug supply chains are not transparent and efficient enough. The source of imported drugs is often difficult to trace: the quality of the active substance and other components, compliance with storage conditions, and the origin of the drug remain questionable due to the lack of traceability and complexity of supply chains.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in ten medical products, including medications and diagnostic devices, are substandard or counterfeit. Amid the quarantine pandemic in developing countries, counterfeit medicines are becoming more common.

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