ArticlesPrinciples of Trust in Companies During the Pandemic
The pandemic has become a big incentive for the advancement of online business and cloud technologies. Now, technology adoption means not only convenient online services but also different aspects of trust in companies and organizations.
In times of pandemic, lockdown, and economic crisis, the atmosphere of trust becomes a pillar and mutual support for States, organizations, and people. When care, awareness, and the containment of the disease by joint efforts are vital, a lack of trust can lead to disastrous consequences.

It is also true in the business context: a recent Deloitte study found that three multinational companies that were the targets of scandals lost between 20 and 56% of their market capitalization compared to competitors in the period of three months to two years. Their positions in industry indices fell by 26-74%.

Four Aspects of Trust

Today, companies are rebuilding their progress on the value of trust. CEOs should consider the interests of many stakeholders. Different tools are required to work with customers, employees, s
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