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ArticlesUnexpected Events to Expect in 2021
Predictions are useful for planning and preparing for future events. The Danish bank has highlighted ten events that could turn the game around in the market in 2021. Among these events, blockchain and other technologies that will change the world are mentioned a lot.
2020 was a turbulent year. To outline what to expect next year, The Danish Saxo Bank published traditional Outrageous Predictions for 2021. Last year the investment bank predicted the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election and the dollar weakening. Next year, the investment bank expects a series of corporate defaults and an overheated economy due to the large volume of state support programs and anti-crisis loans. Outrageous Predictions are published on the official website of the bank.

Unexpected Events to Expect

The Saxo Bank issues lists of Outrageous Predictions for the 18th time. They attract the investors' concern to extraordinary events - "black swans" - which can have a significant impact on the market. The COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulent course of the U.S. election made the distant future not so distant, boosti
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