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ArticlesHealthy Trends: Demand Trends of the Organic Products
The world is constantly changing. Those things which used to seem a keenness of a small group of people, today have all the chances to become a worldwide trend.
Fortunately, it is not about unhealthy diet obsessions or pursuing blindly the fashion, and we take incredible delight to see trends which positively influence to our health and life. The most significant one is the worldwide expansion of the organic production, which is very noticeable recently.

Poor quality products may cause more than two hundred diseases, from the digestive system failure to oncology. According to the assessment of the World Health Organization, 600 million of people become ill due to bad quality of food every year.

The organic food is produced without food additives, colorants, GMO, synthetic agricultural chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Organic agriculture is the most proven and reliable way to get healthy and delicious products without any environmental damage. The organic farmers treat the environment, animals, and the most important – the health
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