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NewsAffordable and trustworthy carbon offset project registration: TransparenTerra and FCE Group partner with BioCarbon Registry
TransparenTerra and FCE Group have partnered with the BioCarbon Registry, an international Standard that registers and certifies projects that aim to address climate change aligned with sustainable goals and biodiversity protection.
Carbon projects need affordable funding for fire suppression, disease, and pest control, new plant varieties and breeds, forestry and agricultural technologies, machinery, and more. Offset projects are serious business that requires expertise, attention, and investment. The joint work of TransparenTerra and BioCarbon Registry (BCR) makes these projects visible and valuable.

Key projects that provide mechanisms to control greenhouse gas emissions come together to work as efficiently as possible. The BCR Standard provides quality certification for project´s Verified Carbon Credits (VCCs), while TransparenTerra and FCE provide the blockchain verification and information security for certification while making it accessible to smaller companies.

Offset projects must meet international criteria. The BCR program has developed carbon
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