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ArticlesNFT Makes Changes: New Digital Economic Era
The market needs digital financial instruments for transparency and sustainability. Tokenization can become a new stage in the development of the digital economy, changing investment, trading and financial reporting.
While the global economy is subject to geopolitical factors and is unstable, full of barriers and lacks transparent infrastructure and exchange tools, now it is time to move further in the digital economy toolbox.

The digitization of the economy is much deeper than simple cost-cutting. New funding streams, new blockchain-based exchange and traceability tools create a favorable socio-economic climate.

Tokenization is becoming a serious financial instrument and a new era of global investment.

A token is a smart contract hosted on the blockchain. Such a contract contains several conditions - an obligation, ownership, or a bond. Stablecoins and security tokens can be used for tokenization, but the latest solution was the NFT technology - a non-fungible token.

Most of the NFTs were issued in the first months of 2021. According to
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