ArticlesFive directions blockchain development might take in 2022
Today, virtual systems are becoming more and more successful and in-demand, so we should expect an active improvement of the system soon. Blockchain is a key technology that could serve as the backbone of the future digital world.
Organizations are projected to spend $11.7 billion on blockchain solutions next year. These blockchain solutions are designed to optimize and improve industries ranging from fashion and retail to organizing meta-universes.

The year 2022 will also be the year of blockchain, according to Saxo Bank Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer Steen Jacobsen. He believes this market has just begun its growth and has enormous potential. The new generation of cryptocurrencies, according to Jacobsen, will offer an entirely new set of features:

• they will be accepted by central banks, traditional banks, and financial institutions;
• they will be ESG-compliant, and use
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