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ArticlesThe new economy is getting climate-friendly
The world moves into the framework of sustainable development. The global investment and financial system are also involved in the process. Climate and environmental issues will soon become part of the global economy.
The global economy is turning towards climate awareness. Climate technologies and actions already play a significant role in most economic sectors from contemporary manufacturing, energy, and farming, to customer choices, and company policies.

Current environmental situation makes any environmental or related efforts positive and supportive. The massive crises associated with atmospheric pollution are apparent. For instance, Paris authorities take emergency measures to restrict traffic due to smog every year. In Beijing and Shanghai, the mortality rate from respiratory diseases is more than 50 times higher than in Tibet.

Climate action by companies, governments, and societies will be a determining factor in shaping the global economy. The global market is increasingly involved in a responsible investment that takes into account environmental, social well-being, and corporate gover
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