NewsFCE Group is reviewed in an article on blockchain in logistics
A Swedish magazine made a publication about blockchain for logistics. The article also talks about the developments of the FCE group.
Swedish magazine "Transport och Logistik" ("Transport and Logistics") told about FCE technologies and quoted the CEO of FCE Group, Gregory Arzumanian. The article about blockchain for logistics explains the development and potential of the new technology. The author believes that blockchain will satisfy the need of customers for transparency and security.

Below is a quotation from Susanne Ringheim Kilje for our English-speaking readers.

“Through the blockchain, you can determine the goods, location, and timing, and who participated in the transportation. When an operation in the supply chain is complete, an event is added to the blockchain by the person responsible for that particular action. Products, documents, and people are verified using personal fingerprints in the chain.

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