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ReportsFCE 2020 Annual Report
The project develops, and every month and year achieves new goals. We have prepared the 2020 FCE annual report to present you with our latest achievements.
The FCE Group project continues to develop and expand its boundaries, even though in 2020, it was not an easy task. The global situation has led companies and corporations to focus on survival rather than innovation. On the other hand, the pandemic and lockdown have shown that the global economy is directly reliant on technology advancements. We are actively involved in this process, offering our products, consulting on new technologies, and comprehensive technical support.

Over the last year, the project has advanced in its development, and we have updates to share with you.

At the beginning of the year, the project was rebranded as FCE Group AG. The new name was a sign to show the expansion of the project's scope. Our tools and technologies are valuable and necessary for companies outside the food industry, including Cosmetics, Chemicals, MedTech, Logistics, Luxury, and Pharma, etc.
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